Alexey Kondakov

Surrealistic Documentary Photography

Kyiv-based artist Alexey Kondakov uses surrealistic documentary photography to superimpose figures from classical artwork into everyday scenes of modern life. He is renowned for his Photoshopped collage series in which Kyiv, Ukraine served as the backdrop for characters from old world masterpieces. The artist merges the past and the present, showing with a deft eye how classical figures fit seamlessly into contemporary situations that, in themselves, are timeless.
Solo shows:
  • Rhythm Buro
  • National Art Museum of Ukraine
  • Cosmopolitan US
  • Aly & AJ
  • Lola Young
  • SZ Magazin
  • Бумбокс
  • Ricordi 'The Red Book'
  • Kondakov per Napoli / Alexey Kondakov
  • "The Art Of Illusion", Prestel 2020